Collaboration with performing arts companies from all over the world

We believe that contemporary art, especially contemporary movement performance severely needs to communicate with artists from various countries and cultures. One of our most important goals is building international relationships and universal cooperating

Cultural Exchange with artistic collaboration

We try to achieve cultural exchange with collaboration with artists and art companies around the world. This is valuable for us that each culture has many stories to say and when the various cultures come together can get new ideas and outcome is so amazing

Responsibility to show Iranian women performances and facilitate their artworks

Growth with learning from workshops in abroad and teach to Iranian artists in our workshops

We passionately continue the learning process. We are growing and we believe that this is our main way

Innovation in our products with using Iranian elements in contemporary movement

This is very important for us to have innovation in choreography, movements, concept and interdisciplinary aspects. We are eager to work with innovative artists, show their artworks in our festivals, apply these performances for international festivals and introduce these artists for participating in workshops and residencies in abroad

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