Our activities


Current projects:

The Loop:

A contemporary performance project based on movement with using Kinect technology. The concept of this performance is based on Chaos theory with interdisciplinary aspects in contemporary movement.



An art-technology project in the field of installation based on lighting and video mapping. The concept of this installation is immigration.


Children’s work:

A contemporary performance with children as performers based on moving on a pattern.



Tarab Art Gallery exhibits events related to contemporary arts.



We hold educational workshops regarding contemporary performance and history of contemporary arts with Iranian tutors and mentors or tutors and mentors who would be invited for exchange ideas.




Tarabsaz Publications with permission of Iran´s ministry of culture can translate, compile and publish books in the fields of contemporary performance that there is a serious lack of written documents in our language.


We also produce videos and hold some festivals to show them to some special audiences who are performance artists.



selected for ISPA, Global fellowship 2020, International Society for the Performing Arts

Selected for ATSA, Arthink South Asia fellowship 2019-2020