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Why Tarab needs your support

In our country, Iran, we don’t have any schools or university for courses related to contemporary performance based on movement and choreography.

It is very important for us to contemplate (in depth and with focus) on the phenomenon of contemporary movement in Iran which is mostly practiced without proper facilities. No such artistic attempts are financed by a domestic funder. As a consequence artists have to finance their own projects themselves and most of the times studios or halls that are allowed to hold these performances are too small and therefore there won’t be any financial return, if the artists are lucky enough they can pay for the hall and the cast involved in the project. there are a lot of brilliant and rare ideas in Iranian artists and we want to flourish them.

  Ways to support Tarab

  •  Become a funder for our projects. 
  •  Become a partner with Tarab to collaborate projects if your company have venue for  movement rehearsal and you could give us artistic residency to develop our projects.
  •  Become a sponsor for our events and festivals.